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Respiratory Tract

Lungs and Respiratory tract are the most vulnerable organs of human which are often exposed to different diseases. Respiratory tract is the entire system of human vital activity which allows us to live. It includes nose, mouth, throat, larynx, trachea and lungs. Each organ is a vulnerable structure which should be protected.

Diseases of respiratory tract are the most widely-spread disorders which cause sore throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis and rhinitis etc. These diseases in light form give a few troubles and problems and therefore the treatment is quick and almost unnoticeable. Due to new medications it is easy to remove pain in throat. However in case of complications which may occur during respiratory tract diseases it will be difficult to treat. Complex form of sore throat may cause rheumatism and even heart problems and tuberculosis.

Cause of respiratory tract diseases can be different such as virus and bacteria but more often such diseases occur because of body hypothermia. Symptoms of respiratory tract diseases can be easily established as they characterized by high temperature, rhinitis, sleep disorder, headaches, loss of appetite, vomiting and weakness.

Treatment of respiratory tract diseases is easy because the cause is known and there remains to select the needed medicine. These are inhalers, or tablets, or powders. Killing the virus of cold a person quickly recovers.

Generic Advair Diskus

Fluticasone - Salmeterol 0.10mg + 0.05/0.25mg + 0.05/0.5mg + 0.05mg

The advair inhaler is used to treat asthma and chronic bronchitis.
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Advair Diskus
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Generic Advair Rotahaler

Fluticasone - Salmeterol 50mg + 100/50mg + 250/50mg + 500mg

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Advair Rotahaler
Buy now! $ 0.89

Generic Atrovent

Ipratropium Bromide 20mcg

Ipratropium bromide inhalation aerosol and solution are prescribed for long-term treatment bronchospasm in people with bronchitis, emphysema, or COPD.
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Buy now! $ 20.00

Generic Ilosone

Erythromycin 250/500mg

Ilosone (Erythromycin) is used for treating infections in throat, ear, lung, skin, sinus infections by certain types of bacteria
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Generic Myambutol

Ethambutol 400/800mg

Myambutol is used for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, infections of the lung along with other medicines
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Generic Rhinocort

Budesonide 100mcg 150dpi

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Generic Rifadin

Rifampin 150/300/450/600mg

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Generic Seromycin

Cycloserine 250mg

Seromycin is used for the treating of active pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis, in the lungs and other places in the body. Seromycin is an antibiotic
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Generic Spiriva

Tiotropium Bromide 9mcg 120 dpi

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Generic Tessalon

Benzonatate 100mg

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Generic Trecator-sc

Ethionamide 250mg

Is used for treat tuberculosis (TB) infections in combination with other medicines
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Generic Ventolin

Albuterol (salbutamol) 2/4mg

Generic Ventolin is used for the treatment of chronic bronchial asthma and arresting of the disease attacks during severe course. It prevents the attacks of bronchium’s even connected with the effect of allergen or caused by the physical load. In combination with other drugs it may be used for the treatment of COPD.
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Generic Ventolin Inhaler

Albuterol 100mcg 200dpi

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Ventolin Inhaler
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Generic Volmax Cr

Albuterol (salbutamol) 4/8mg

Volmax Cr is used to treat and prevention bronchospasm
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Volmax Cr
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Generic Combivent

Ipratropium Bromide & Albuterol (salbutamol) 100mcg

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