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Generic Zocor

Related drug names Simvastatin

Brand(s): Simlup / Simlip / Simvotin

Manufacturer: Lupin / Okasa / Ranbaxy

Diseases: Hypercholesterolemia / Heart Attack / Stroke / Angina / Blood Clots


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5mg × 30 pills$ 29.95$ 1.00Add to cart
5mg × 60 pills$ 53.95$ 0.90$ 5.95Add to cart
5mg × 90 pills$ 76.95$ 0.85$ 12.90Add to cart
5mg × 120 pills$ 95.95$ 0.80$ 23.85Add to cart


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10mg × 30 pills$ 35.95$ 1.20Add to cart
10mg × 60 pills$ 65.95$ 1.10$ 5.95Add to cart
10mg × 90 pills$ 89.95$ 1.00$ 17.90Add to cart
10mg × 120 pills$ 107.95$ 0.90$ 35.85Add to cart
10mg × 180 pills$ 143.95$ 0.80$ 71.75Add to cart


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20mg × 30 pills$ 53.95$ 1.80Add to cart
20mg × 60 pills$ 101.95$ 1.70$ 5.95Add to cart
20mg × 90 pills$ 143.95$ 1.60$ 17.90Add to cart
20mg × 120 pills$ 179.95$ 1.50$ 35.85Add to cart
20mg × 180 pills$ 251.95$ 1.40$ 71.75Add to cart


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40mg × 30 pills$ 68.95$ 2.30Add to cart
40mg × 60 pills$ 131.95$ 2.20$ 5.95Add to cart
40mg × 90 pills$ 188.95$ 2.10$ 17.90Add to cart
40mg × 120 pills$ 239.95$ 2.00$ 35.85Add to cart
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Zocor drug info

Zocor helps people with high level of the cholesterol to lower the level of LDL and reduce a chance of the development of the coronary atherosclerosis. This drug helps people who have the course of the diet therapy to improve the efficiency of the lowering of the cholesterol level and gain the best results of the prophylaxis of severe vascular diseases.

According to data of the clinical studies the action of Zocor starts almost at once after the use and reaches maximum in several hours. But the effect appears only during the long use, and therefore if you started taking this remedy, it is necessary to have a complete course of the treatment (not less than 4 weeks).

The pharmacological action of Zocor is observed for rather a long period of time. The drug should be taken not more than once a day, before going to bed. In case of the average form of hypercholesteremia the initial dosage is 10 mg per day. The dose may be increased in the future but it depends on how your body takes this drug and results of the treatment. From time to time it is necessary to have laboratory analyses and control the cholesterol level. If there are no results within a long period of time, the dose may be increased up to 80 mg per day.

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