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Generic Xenical

Related drug names Orlistat

Xenical is a medical product for the treatment of obesity which does not cause a change of appetite and has a high level of the safety. It is the most optimal option for the reduction of the excessive weight in those patients who are afraid to take strong drugs and are against liposuction.

Brand(s): Orleph

Manufacturer: Aurochem

Diseases: Obesity


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Use of Xenical

Xenical is prescribed patients with middle level of the obesity in combination with mild low-calorie diet. This drug is indicated for the prolonged therapy because it does not cause an addiction and is well tolerated.

In the individual clinical cases it is possible to use Xenical in combination with antidiabetic products in patients with pancreatic diabetes type 2 and excessive body weight or obesity.

- Xenical may be used by adults and children older than 12 years old
- The pills are taken orally with each main meals (either before meals or during meals)
- The recommended daily dose for adults is 1 capsule of Xenical 120 mg

The drug should be used not more than 3 times a day. As the clinical studies indicated the higher frequency of the use of Xenical capsules does not increase the therapeutic efficiency of the drug and does not cause a faster reduction of the weight.
During the treatment it is needed to reduce the consumption of fatty meals, farinaceous products, and also starches the increase of the physical exercises will help to gain the required result.

Pharmacological action

The main active component of Xenical is Orlistat. It is a selective inhibitor of the gastrointestinal lipase which prevents the uptake of the animal and organic fats which reach the body during meals.

The mechanism of the action of Xenical consists in the destruction of the fat splitting when they reach the gastrointestinal tract. Blocking the work of certain enzymes Orlistat reduces the supply of calories and excess fats are removed from the body.

Xenical does not act to the central nervous system and does not cause the reduction of the appetite. It prevents the uptake of the fats without absorption into the systemic blood flow. It allows to take this drug within the prolonged period of time without harm for the body and without side effects.

Contraindications and side effects

Xenical is contraindicated for the use in case of:
- Cholestasia
- Acute dysfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract
- Intolerance of orlistat or other components of the drug

The side reactions may be caused by the non-observance of the low-calorie diet and presence of the fatty food in the gastrointestinal tract. The most probable side reactions may be oily discharge from rectum, discharge of gas, acceleration of defecation, liquid stool, flatulency, and discomfort in the stomach.

Buy Xenical online

In the city pharmacies it is possible to buy Xenical only by prescription of the doctor. If you do not have time in order to go to the doctor, or you have already taken this drug and you do not need a prescription, you may buy Xenical online.

Buying Xenical online you need to select the needed number of the capsules, decide on the way of the shipment and pay for your order. All this procedure will take not more than 5 minutes and you will be able to return to your everyday things.

Additional Xenical Information

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