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Generic Proscar

Related drug names Finasteride

Proscar is a product for the treatment of the benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland. It belongs to the group of the hormonal drugs but is totally harmless for men. It contains big amount of the main male hormone – testosterone.

Brand(s): Prosteride / Finotop

Manufacturer: Aleppo / Ind-Swift

Diseases: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


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Use of Proscar

- Proscar is released in the tablets for the oral use
- The initial dose is 5 mg once per day
- If there are no significant results, the dose may be increased under the supervision of the medical specialist for a short period of time.
- It is possible to take tablets at any time of the day irrespective of the food consumption
- Aged men and/or severe diseases of kidney do not require the adjustment of the daily dose.
- The treatment should last until the complete improvement of the disease symptom.

Drug Action

Proscar provides the antitumoral action. Penetrating into the blood of the man it causes the increase of the testosterone level and at the same time it blocks enzymes which turn testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

Proscar reduces the concentration of dihydrotestoserone in the blood and tissues of the prostate gland within 24 hours after the use of the tablet. The antitumoral action is conditioned by the inhibition of the stimulating function of testosterone to the tumor tissue. As a result, the reduction of the dihydrotestosterone level and prevention of the tumor development causes the lowering the volume of the prostate gland, increase of the maximal speed of the urine outflow, and reduction of the symptoms of prostate.

The noticeable therapeutic effect appears in 3 months of the regular use of the tablets. In 3 months the volume of the gland is reduced and the urine outflow is accelerated. Usually, the maximal therapeutic effect may be seen in 7-8 months of the treatment.

Contradictions and side effects

Proscar is contraindicated in the following cases:
- malignant tumors of the prostate gland
- obstructive uropathy
- hepatic failure
- intolerance of the active components added into Proscar

The increase of the testosterone level may cause slight and short side effects. Using Proscar men recorded the lowering of potency/libido, reduction of the volume of ejaculate, painful sensations of the breast. The side effects pass within several weeks of the treatment.

Proscar online

In order to buy Proscar you do not have to have the doctor's prescription and individual recommendations of the pharmacist. In our pharmacy you will be able to buy Proscar without leaving the house or working place. All you need is to fill in the form of the order, choose the way of the drug shipping and pay for the medication. Then you will be contacts by the specialists of the pharmacy in order to confirm the desire to buy Proscar.

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