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Generic Propecia

Related drug names Finasteride

Propecia is a very effective medication which is used for the treatment of baldness and shows very good results. Propecia acts very effectively and almost in all cases, restores a healthy and beautiful hair-covering of men. Unlike ointments, lotions which have been used earlier, Propecia is more convenient because the drug is released in the form of tablets and its usage does not cause any discomfort. Propecia prices are very low and therefore it can be easily bought and used for the treatment of the disease.

Brand(s): Appecia / Proscalpin

Manufacturer: Ajanta / Fortune HealthCare

Diseases: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


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1mg × 30 pills$ 35.95$ 1.20$ 8.90Add to cart
1mg × 60 pills$ 53.95$ 0.90$ 35.75Add to cart
1mg × 90 pills$ 71.95$ 0.80$ 62.60Add to cart
1mg × 120 pills$ 89.95$ 0.75$ 89.45Add to cart
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How does Propecia work?

Propecia influences only on the one type of the baldness – an androgenic baldness which is observed in 95% of men. This baldness is hereditary and so it is met more often than other types. That is why Propecia is a very actual and asked-for medication for the treatment of baldness.
Propecia helps to achieve a result very quickly, i.e. after starting the treatment you can see the results in 3 months. Hair grows for about 1 cm per month, and therefore to get the full action of Propecia, a certain period of time should pass.
The action of Propecia is based on the principle of blocking of dihydrotestosterone which causes the problem of baldness in men. This substance is not active under the influence of Propecia, and hair loss stops and its healthy growth starts.

How should be Propecia taken?

The use of Propecia should be made after the prior consultation of the doctor. The doctor will make a diagnosis and prescribe you a prescription with all needed directions.

As it has been said, it is easy to use Propecia. Only 1 tablet once a day will help you to achieve the needed result in a short period of time. But it is recommended to take the drug at the same time every day. In this way the body will get ready for a work and assimilation of Propecia will be better. It is better to take the tablet before bedtime that the work of Propecia will be overnight. Overnight Propecia will give good results and your hair will grow quickly.

Cautions during the use of Propecia

It should be noted that Propecia must not be taken by women. This drug is totally safe and does not have side effects but only men can take it because Propecia is harmful for women. It has been established that Propecia may cause congenital anomaly in case of using it.
The drug is well tolerated by men and they do not have any side effects, therefore a safety level of Propecia is high.

How to buy Propecia?

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Additional Propecia Information

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