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Generic Paxil

Related drug names Paroxetine

Paxil is an antidepressant of a broad-spectrum action. Besides the treatment of the depressive disorders it is also effective for the treatment of the panic disorders, schizophrenia, and organic diseases of the central nervous system.

Brand(s): Parotin / Pari / Pexep / Xet

Manufacturer: Cipla / Innova / Intas / Zydus

Diseases: Depression / Obsessive-compulsive Disorder / Panic Disorder / Posttraumatic Stress Disorder / Anxiety


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10mg × 30 pills$ 33.97$ 1.13Add to cart
10mg × 60 pills$ 59.42$ 0.99$ 8.52Add to cart
10mg × 90 pills$ 84.18$ 0.94$ 17.73Add to cart
10mg × 120 pills$ 109.58$ 0.91$ 26.30Add to cart
10mg × 180 pills$ 162.16$ 0.90$ 41.66Add to cart
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20mg × 90 pills$ 123.17$ 1.37$ 4.90Add to cart
20mg × 120 pills$ 159.94$ 1.33$ 10.82Add to cart
20mg × 180 pills$ 236.40$ 1.31$ 19.74Add to cart
20mg × 240 pills$ 311.15$ 1.30$ 30.37Add to cart


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30mg × 60 pills$ 116.95$ 1.95$ 7.75Add to cart
30mg × 90 pills$ 172.95$ 1.92$ 14.10Add to cart
30mg × 120 pills$ 228.15$ 1.90$ 21.25Add to cart
30mg × 180 pills$ 338.25$ 1.88$ 35.85Add to cart


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Paxil action

The mechanism of the action of this antidepressant consists in the recovery of the chemical imbalance in the brain cortex. In other words, it recovers the optimal concentration of the chemical components in the brain in order to cause positive emotions in the patient and restore a normal work of the central nervous system.

Use of Paxil

A peculiarity of Paxil is a fast response of the body to the pharmacological action. Usually, the therapeutic effect of antidepressants develops only in 3-4 weeks of the treatment. Taking Paxil the action develops after the first week of the drug use. This allows to quickly estimate the efficiency of this antidepressant in the setting of the clinical image of the patient and find out the further topicality of the use of this drug.

In case of depressions patients are enough of taking one tablet 20 mg a day. If this dose is ineffective, the further treatment implies the gradual increase of the dose by 10 mg not more than once a week. The maximal daily dosage which is permissible for the use of the adults is 60 mg.

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