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Generic Moduretic

Related drug names Amiloride-hydrochlorothiazide

Brand(s): Fovas / Biduret

Manufacturer: Cadila / GlaxoSmithKline

Diseases: Hypertension / Edema / Swelling


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Moduretic action

Moduretic helps to increase the excretion of the liquid from the body during the edema syndrome of the different level of the severity. It may be used also as a diuretic remedy during the arterial hypertension and heart failure. It helps to quickly excrete different minerals and components which delay water in the body, and so it removes edemas and quickly restores a normal general condition.

Use of Moduretic

During the edema syndrome the amount of the initial dosage is determined by the intensity of the disorders of the hydro-electrolytic metabolism and is 1-4 tablets every day. In case of the arterial hypertension Moduretic should be taken within several days, one tablet. The use of this drug with other anti-hypertensive medications is possible.

It is important to bear in mind that the increase of the excretion of the excessive liquid from the body may provoke the excretion of the small stones from kidneys, and therefore it is necessary to have a careful examination of the kidney functions and presence of the stones and sand before the use of this drug. Otherwise, the use of Moduretic may cause painful sensations during urination.

Within the prolonged treatment it is needed systematically have analyses and control the image of the blood in order to analyze the changes of the concentration of the useful components in the body.

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