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Generic Lozol

Related drug names Indapamide

Brand(s): Natrilix

Manufacturer: Serdia

Diseases: Hypertension / Swelling


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1.5mg × 60 pills$ 82.40$ 1.37$ 3.00Add to cart
1.5mg × 90 pills$ 114.90$ 1.28$ 13.20Add to cart
1.5mg × 120 pills$ 148.20$ 1.23$ 22.60Add to cart
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Lozol mechanism of action

Lozol is used in cardiology for the excretion of the excess liquid from the body and lowering of the arterial pressure. The therapeutic effect of the drug develops for a long time – within one week, and its maximum appears till 8-10 weeks. Due to this the treatment of the arterial hypertension may take longer than planned. However, the pharmacological studies of the active component Indapamide have shown that a normal arterial pressure is restored and edema is reduced in the patient for a long period of time after having the treatment with this medicine.

A one-time use of the drug will not bring the needed results, and therefore if you have symptoms of the hypertensive crisis or edema, it is necessary to take another medication which will give a faster result in the treatment.

Lozol dosage and use

It is preferable to take Lozol in the morning, before breakfast. The dosage of the drug is not big – just 2,5 mg per day. Only in 4 weeks after the beginning of the therapy it is reasonable to raise the issue about the increase of the daily dose. Do not adjust the dose before the first results of the treatment will appear.

If the side effects are increased during the increase of the dose, it is necessary to reduce the dose up to 2,5 mg and start the use of another medicine with identical action. This way you can reduce the chance of the appearance of the side effects.

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