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Generic Levitra

Related drug names Vardenafil

The treatment of erectile dysfunction is a difficult process but now this disease can be fought. Though erectile dysfunction affects about 40% of men all around the world and it occurs in everyone, now this disease is not a problem for medicine as strong and effective medical products which restore men’s erection have been made. Levitra belongs to such products. Levitra is a rather new and modern medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient of Levitra is Vardenafil. Levitra is used recently but it has its devotees and fans because the action and the efficiency of the drug allow to improve the quality of erection in men in a short period of time. The drug belongs to the group of ED and is approved by FDA and so it is freely spread and manufactured.

Brand(s): Vilitra / Filitra

Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories / Fortune HealthCare

Diseases: Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence


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10mg × 30 pills$ 69.95$ 2.33$ 19.90Add to cart
10mg × 60 pills$ 119.95$ 2.00$ 59.75Add to cart
10mg × 90 pills$ 159.95$ 1.78$ 109.60Add to cart
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10mg × 180 pills$ 269.95$ 1.50$ 269.15Add to cart


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20mg × 60 pills$ 161.95$ 2.70$ 47.75Add to cart
20mg × 90 pills$ 224.95$ 2.50$ 89.60Add to cart
20mg × 120 pills$ 269.95$ 2.25$ 149.45Add to cart
20mg × 180 pills$ 359.95$ 2.00$ 269.15Add to cart


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40mg × 30 pills$ 119.95$ 4.00$ 29.90Add to cart
40mg × 60 pills$ 221.95$ 3.70$ 77.75Add to cart
40mg × 90 pills$ 299.95$ 3.33$ 149.60Add to cart
40mg × 120 pills$ 359.95$ 3.00$ 239.45Add to cart


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60mg × 20 pills$ 99.95$ 5.00$ 9.95Add to cart
60mg × 30 pills$ 134.95$ 4.50$ 29.90Add to cart
60mg × 60 pills$ 239.95$ 4.00$ 89.75Add to cart
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Action of Levitra

Levitra has fast and powerful action. After using the pill Levitra acts in 15 minutes which is faster than Viagra and Cialis. No alcohol and food affect the action of Levitra. The action of Levitra is based on the increase of the blood flow to penis. The active ingredient Vardenafil dilates the smooth muscles of penis and arteries are increased, as a result penis gets more blood and this improves erection and makes it more powerful and hard. The action of Levitra lasts about 5 hours. However there were cases when the action of Levitra was up to 24 hours.

Use of Levitra

The use of Levitra should be made after consultation of doctor. The doctor will prescribe the prescription and all recommendations to usage. Levitra is released in the form of the tablets and the dosage is prescribed individually as it depends on the severity of the disease.
The recommended average dose is 10 mg. Only I tablet of 10 mg will help to improve your erection and restore sex life. Levitra can be taken no more than once per day.

Contraindications and side effects

Usually Levitra is well tolerated, mild and without any side effects. The most common side effects are: headache and nausea. But the other side effects can occur such as back pain, drowsiness, water eyes, increased muscle tone, redness of face and dizziness.
However taking into account all contraindications you will avoid side effects. The contraindications to the use are as follows: diseases of heart, liver, kidney, old age, deformation of penis and allergy to Levitra.

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Additional Levitra Information

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