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Generic Lasix

Related drug names Furosemide

Lasix is a diuretic for fast lowering of the blood pressure and removal of edemas. Lasix is one of the best diuretics as it contains a famous component Furosemide which is a main diuretic drug for many years. The advantage of Lasix is its fast action as it is possible to lower the pressure and improve health condition of a patient within a short period of time.

Brand(s): Lasix / Frusenex / Frusemide

Manufacturer: Aventis / Geno / Medibest

Diseases: Hypertension / Swelling / Congestive Heart Failure


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Use of Lasix

Furosemide Lasix is for the treatment for edema syndrome, different diseases of kidneys, heart failure, hypertonic crisis, and also arterial hypertension.

All these diseases are treatable by Lasix. Lasix is released in the form of the tablets and also injections, therefore, depending on the disease and its severity, a patient is prescribed an individual medical form.

At edema syndrome and arterial hypertension the average dosage of Lasix is 40 mg. In case of emergency, the dosage should be prescribed individually because the doctor should take into account the condition of your body.

Action of Lasix

Furosemide Lasix is a diuretic which increases the production of calcium, potassium and magnesium. This diuretic is often called Lasix potassium because its strong effect on the body causes the active increase of this component in the entire body. Lasix removes excess liquid from the body by the use of kidneys, and thus it removes edemas and returns a normal condition to a patient. Lasix also helps to remove excess weight and this helps to prevent the appearance of edemas.

Contradictions and side effects

The side effects of Lasix are almost unnoticeable because this drug has a very safe pharmacological action. If you follow all contraindications for the use and take the Lasix drug taking into account of all directions of a health care provider, no side effects of Lasix appear.

The contraindications for the use of Lasix: high sensitivity, acute kidney failure, diseases of urethra, urethral calculus and renal calculus, gout and others.

How to buy Lasix

Most people look for remedies for blood pressure and try to buy them in good supply. Such drugs as Lasix are needed in every house because 1 tablet of this drug can save human’s life. You can buy Lasix in our online pharmacy which offers you the nest drugs from manufacturer at low prices. Buying Lasix you can contact a pharmacist and find out what Lasix is and how to buy Lasix online. With the help of consultation you will quickly order Lasix and all you need to do then is to wait for a courier who will deliver this Lasix drug to you.

Additional Lasix Information

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