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Generic Effexor

Related drug names Venlafaxine

Effexor is prescribed patients with initial form of depression of various etiology. The drug is effective for prevention of the depressive states, excessive stress, psychological loads, and treatment of the depression symptoms.

Brand(s): Ventab / Venpad

Manufacturer: Intas / Tripada

Diseases: Depression / Anxiety / Panic Disorder


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Effexor action

Antidepressants may cause an addiction, and therefore the treatment should be started from such drugs as Effexor in case of any symptoms. This antidepressant is with mild action to the central nervous system and does not differ by strong pharmacological action. This allows to increase the safety of the drug use, and also reduce a chance of the psychological addiction.

Use of Effexor

Patients are enough to take 75 mg per day divided the daily dose by 2-3 equal parts. If you noticed the stomach upset after the use of several tablets, you may take the antidepressant while eating. This will reduce the frequency of the appearance of the digestion disorder and remove discomfort.

A health care provider should follow that the patient has no cardiovascular diseases. If they are present, it is contraindicated to take medication for the safety of the patient. Patients especially of senior age have to be warned about the possibility of the appearance of dizziness, and disorder of a balance sensation.

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