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Generic Cymbalta

Related drug names Duloxetine

Cymbalta causes a rather even and stable improvement of the work of the central nervous system, and therefore doctors recommend this antidepressant as a prophylaxis and treatment of the light and mild type of the depression and disorders of the nervous system which appear as a result of the development of pancreatic diabetes. A peculiarity of the drug is the increase of the pain threshold, and so it is used for the different pain syndromes.

Brand(s): Duzela

Manufacturer: Sun Pharma

Diseases: Depression / Anxiety / Fibromyalgia / Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy


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20mg × 30 pills$ 67.20$ 2.24Add to cart
20mg × 60 pills$ 92.40$ 1.54$ 42.00Add to cart
20mg × 90 pills$ 117.60$ 1.31$ 84.00Add to cart
20mg × 120 pills$ 142.80$ 1.19$ 126.00Add to cart
20mg × 180 pills$ 193.20$ 1.07$ 210.00Add to cart


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30mg × 30 pills$ 78.00$ 2.60Add to cart
30mg × 60 pills$ 114.00$ 1.90$ 42.00Add to cart
30mg × 90 pills$ 150.00$ 1.67$ 84.00Add to cart
30mg × 120 pills$ 186.00$ 1.55$ 126.00Add to cart
30mg × 180 pills$ 258.00$ 1.43$ 210.00Add to cart


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40mg × 30 pills$ 88.80$ 2.96Add to cart
40mg × 60 pills$ 135.60$ 2.26$ 42.00Add to cart
40mg × 90 pills$ 182.40$ 2.03$ 84.00Add to cart
40mg × 120 pills$ 229.20$ 1.91$ 126.00Add to cart


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60mg × 30 pills$ 89.95$ 3.00Add to cart
60mg × 60 pills$ 139.95$ 2.33$ 39.95Add to cart
60mg × 90 pills$ 189.95$ 2.11$ 79.90Add to cart
60mg × 120 pills$ 239.95$ 2.00$ 119.85Add to cart
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Use of Cymbalta

In order to gain the optimal antidepressive effect it is enough to take one capsule of Cymbalta 60 mg a day. The maximal daily dose of 120 mg (2 capsules) may be prescribed only if the patient’s sensitivity to the active components of the drug is lowered and his state is not improved while taking one capsule of the drug.

Patients are recommended taking the drug without damaging the cover of the capsule because the level of the drug uptake depends on it.

Cymbalta side effects

Cymbalta antidepressant is not able to treat severe types of the depression but also has few side effects, and also if the patients take the drug in the moderate doses, it does not cause an addiction. In general, the dosage regimen while taking antidepressants is the most important component of the successful treatment. Therefore, be attentive and do not exceed the dose indicated in the instruction of the drug.

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