Lasix Review

A new product which has become popular among people with edema or hypertonia has recently appeared on the pharmaceutical market. Lasix is easy to use and very effective low-cost medicine. Lasix is a great diuretic of the fast action. In other words, this is an urinative product that excretes an excessive amount of salt and liquid from the body.

It may be used during edemas of the various origin: liver cirrhosis, dysfunction of kidneys, brain edema, lung edema, and others. Lasix plays an important role in the treatment of severe forms of the arterial hypertension. A decrease of the pressure happens in an hour after the use of a one-time dose.

Furosemide is a main active ingredient. Lasix contains other ingredients as an addition, and they quickly lower the blood and pulmonary pressure and have a medical effect. These are Magnesii stearas and Povidone. A diuretic effect occurs in 15-20 minutes (maximum in 30 minutes).

Lasix is often for sale in tablets in the pharmacies. Moreover, it may be pushed IV, especially in patients with hypertonic crisis. Intravenous injection causes a fast diuretic effect within 5-7 minutes and an intensive lowering of the blood pressure.

Pay a special attention to dosing. In case of the small edema syndrome, a recommended dose is 20-40 mg. Do not be afraid to increase a dose but only in certain period (it depends on the intensity of the diuretic effect). If a patient does not have any effect within an hour after the use of the pill, another dose is used. A therapeutic dose occurs quickly, and therefore Lasix is used for a short period – 3-4 days.

Lasix may be given to children. The most important is to give a correct dose. Children are not given more than 20 mg. A general daily dose should not exceed 40 mg.

Do not take Lasix for a long period because it provides a fast effect. The matter is that it also excretes potassium. This ingredient is very important for the correct function of the cardiovascular system, to maintain acid balance and regulate water balance. A potassium deficit may cause serious diseases in the cardiovascular system.

So, do not take Lasix more than a week. If edema is not gone, other diuretics may be used if they do not affect a concentration of potassium in the blood. Even though they may not be so effective.

As Lasix has many peculiarities, there are restrictions for the use. These restrictions are often related to chronic diseases: gout, acute renal failure with anuria, precomatose state, hyperglycemia coma, arterial hypotension, and acute myocardial infarction.