Flagyl reviews

A base of the antimicrobial medicine Flagyl is an active ingredient Metronidazole. This ingredient interacts with DNA of the pathogenic organisms and causes its destruction. As a result, organisms lose an ability to replicate, and a disease development is gradually stopped.

We should keep in mind that Flagyl penetrates into all liquids and tissues of the body cleaning them. The drug is almost completely absorbed into the systemic blood flow (by 80% within an hour). Pregnant women should take a due care because Metronidazole penetrates into the breast milk. Due to this, the drug is not recommended during pregnancy and breast-feeding. The treatment usually takes 10-14 days, and therefore it is better to stop the breast-feeding and use additional additives.

A pharmacological action of Flagyl is rather broad. The medicine is often prescribed people with infectious diseases caused by protozoa microorganisms. If a patient has amebiasis, trichomoniasis, surgical infections, infections of bones and joints, central nervous system, the medicine will help.

The tablets are taken before or after meals with enough water. A duration of the treatment is prescribed by a doctor depending on a type of infection, site and a patient’s condition. In case of some types of amebiasis, the treatment may last for 3-4 days; and if trichomoniasis or anaerobic infections, the treatment may take up to 10 days.

A dose of Flagyl is individual. On the average, patients are prescribed 250-500 mg 2-3 times per day. Using lower doses, a doctor’s control is not required but if you daily dose will exceed 1500 mg, it is better to regularly visit a doctor or call him/her in order to get recommendations.

In any case, using Flagyl, you should know several important rules:

  • An interaction of Flagyl with alcohol may cause a reaction similar to Disulfiram reaction. Avoid beverage drinks during the treatment
  • Flagyl increases a load on the liver, and therefore patients with hepatic failure should reduce a daily dose and control the functions of the liver
  • Complications may appear during organic affections of the central nervous system or mental disorders. Patients with epilepsy are prone to the side effects
  • After the therapy with Flagyl, take the tests of blood, liver, and kidneys

The side effects are probable during the use of the high doses (over 1500 mg per day) and in senior patients. Patients should control their state, and if dizziness, vision disorder, dyspepsia, stomachache appear, go to a doctor.

Nowadays there are no alternatives to Flagyl because the medicine has the broadest action as to protozoa and is well tolerates by most people.