Generic Pharmacy online – trust it or not?

World Health Organization (WHO) has published a report about the production and spreading of fake medical products that may harm thousand and thousand people. The experts of WHO have estimated the world amount of this illegal market at $30 billion, and this is the number that may be proved. It is unknown how much fake pharmaceutical production is located on the market.

The fake drugs are often met in the developing countries with unstable social and economic situation. According to the rating of the marketing agency Frost & Sullivan, the world pharmaceutical market will grow by 4,6% every year till 2025. The volume of the illegal market will also grow, and even if it is just 0,10% from the general volume, this numbers are huge.  

However, the main problem consists in the matter that the pharmaceutical corporations lobby the laws against Generic under the guise of the struggle with illegal and low-quality products.

The USA pharmaceutical market is the largest in the world, and the every year sales volume is more than $400 billion. Most large world pharmaceutical companies are located in the USA. The expenses on the development of new technologies and promotions of the production are more than $60 billion. It is not a surprise that every company tries to keep share of the market, and they do not want to struggle with growing competition among the Indian companies.

The expenses on the development of medications have grows for the past decades. If about 200 million dollar were spent on a new medication 20-30 years ago, now this number is $2,6 billion. Just imagine that all this money should be returned and the sales should be beneficial. Otherwise, why to develop new medications? We know that the pharmaceutical market is a huge, indestructible business.

The Indian pharmaceutical companies spend by 5 times less money on the development and production of medications. They just take the known chemical formula and create an exact analogue of the drug. These pharmacological analogues are called Generics. They are produced in the advanced and highly-developed laboratories of the pharmaceutical companies and do not differ from the original drugs. But due to the absent expenses on the marketing and long-term clinical studies, Generics are cheaper.

The USA companies do not allow the Indian Generics to the market and block the supplies of these medications. Due to the proper policy of the large corporations, the imported medications are not for sale in the city pharmacies of the USA. Just some manufacturers from Europe can supply the pills to the USA.

A struggle with Generics is both open, and through the hidden channels. For example, the data of WHO may be interpreted in different ways, and people are given information that Generics belong to the number of the fake medical production and they cannot be taken. In spite of this, FDA has approved the use of many Generic drugs and proved that these drugs work not worse than the originals. Although, due to the aggressive struggle with Generics, it is rather hard to buy them in the USA.  

Online pharmacies supply quality Generics but not all site are honest. First of all, if you have found Generic Pharmacy online, pay attention to the age of the site and general information. The sites with illegal production usually work 1-2 months, and then they disappear. These sites do not have any contact information. If you found such site, do not place an order there even if it has the lowest prices on Generics.

Bear in mind that only proved sites that supply Generics to the market of the USA can guarantee the quality. They may have higher prices but you will avoid the fakes. Moreover, any Generic drug costs by 4 times cheaper than the original one. So, you will save money in any case.

Do not believe in everything that news and media tell. The original is not always better than the quality analogue. Sometime you are suggested distorted information in order to get a benefit.