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Day by day around us live million of bacteria which can provoke different virus diseases. Virus diseases include different diseases which are provoked by viruses and bacteria. Now 300 virus diseases are known. Most spread diseases are cold, flu, Ari. For treatment of virus diseases are using special antivirusal drugs which cope effective even with such diseases as herpes and HIV infections.

Antiviral drugs actively reduce symptoms of disease and contribute to quick restoring. But when virus diseases get into our organism they face with immune system which in most of cases suppresses development of disease and using of antiviral drugs cannot be require.

Antiviral drugs should not be muss with antibiotics because these drugs are for treating of different diseases and them not effective, if to use them not in right direction. Antibiotics can be used in virus disease, if to side away the treatment the disease has bacterial complications: pneumonia, purulent tonsillitis. In general antiviral drugs are less then antibiotics and their using even can goes in goals of prophylaxis. Most of effective antiviral drugs are Tamiflu, Famvir, which cope with bacteria very quick and relive from all symptoms of disease.

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Generic Famvir

Famciclovir 250mg

Famvir is an antiviral drug, used for the treatment the Herpes viruses, including herpes simplex 1 and 2 and varicella-zoster
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Generic Lamprene

Clofazimine 50mg

Is used in the treatment of leprosy, erythema nodosum leprosum
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Generic Rebetol

Ribavirin 200mg

Is used for treating hepatitis C infection with interferon alfa in certain patients
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Generic Symmetrel

Amantadine 100mg

Prevent and treat certain types of flu, it is used to treat Parkinson disease
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Generic Valtrex

Valacyclovir 0.5/1g

Valtrex is an antiviral drug, is used for the treatment infection by herpes viruses, cold sores (herpes labialis)
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Generic Zovirax

Acyclovir 200/400/800mg

Acyclovir is an antiviral drug, against the herpes viruses, herpes simplex 1 and 2
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