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Antifungal drugs in our time are very popular because of great development of fungal infections. One of the most known reasons of fungal infection is increasing of sexual activity and development of such diseases as candidiasis, athlete’s foot, ringworm, gardnerella vaqinalis, and mycosis. These diseases are provoked by different type of fungal infections which can overcome only by antimicrobial medicine. Even the most might antibiotics are useless in getting of this result which is necessary for treatment of fungal diseases.

Fungal infections can destroy different organs beginning from nails and finishing by sexual organs. Fungal diseases can stay in shadow for a long time because they appear not immediately and also can stay invisible. By this treatment of such diseases is complicated because usually person starts his treatment too late and for it is need special mighty action which can quickly cope with problem.

Antiflungals drugs divide in drugs which are ingest and accept externally. For each disease special course of treatment is distinguishing which will distinguish medical form of antifungal drug. One of the most effective substances for treatment of fungal infection is Flukonasol and Metronidazol. These drugs cope actively with diseases and are contained in many antifungal drugs such as Difluksan, Nisoal, Flagil.

Generic Betadine

Providone - Iodine 10% 15g

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Generic Diflucan

Fluconazole 50/100/150/200mg

Diflucan is used for the treatment serious fungus infections that may occur in different parts of the body (Vaginal candidiasis, Cryptococcal meningitis and more).
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Generic Grifulvin

Griseofulvin 250mg

Grifulvin is used to treat fungal infections of the skin, hair, fingernails and toenails
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Generic Gyne-lotrimin

Clotrimazole 1% 15g

Generic Gyne-lotrimin is used for the treatment of the vaginal candidosis caused by the yeast-like fungi. It destroys the fungous cells and slows down the process of the development of the infection symptoms such as unpleasant smell, and cheesy discharge.
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Generic Lamisil

Terbinafine 250mg

Lamisil (terbinafine) is used to treat fungal infections of the skin and nails
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Generic Lamisil Cream

Terbinafine 1% 10g

Generic Lamisil Cream is an antifungal drug for the external application. It destroys fungi the different types, and therefore it is effectively used for the treatment of herpes, yeast affections of the skin, mycosis of the skin and hair of the head.
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Lamisil Cream
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Generic Mentax

Butenafine 1% 15g

Generic Mentax is an antifungal medical product of the narrow-spectrum action. It is prescribed for the treatment of fungi of the foot.
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Generic Nizoral

Ketoconazole 200mg

Nizoral is used for treatment serious fungus infections in different parts of the body, skin, hair
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Generic Nizoral Cream

Ketoconazole 2% 15g

Generic Nizoral Cream is an antifungal medical product for the treatment of the different types of mycosis, dermatitis, candidosis, and sepsis. It penetrates into any tissues and liquids of the body causing the destruction of the yeast0like and musty fungi.
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Nizoral Cream
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Generic Sporanox

Itraconazole 100mg

Sporanox (Itraconazole) is used for treatment of fungal infections of the mouth, lungs, throat, toenails, fingernails
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Generic Lotrisone

Betamethasone + Clotrimazole 0.05% + 1% 10g

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